ARTIST MARKET - A diverse collection of local artisans showcasing their works for sale in the largest one day artist market in Vista. Participating Artists >>


SHARPIE CAR - Contribute to this interactive art piece and turn a full size car into a work of art. 

THE ALLEY PARADE - Kick off the festival with a parade
to celebrate all the alley cats out there. 

BEFORE I DIE WALL - What’s on your bucket list?  Well, here you can document it.  Put it on the board and let the world know.... Start dreaming now.

POP ART BLOCK PARTY - Take a step back in time and explore pop art and Neo-Expressionism culture of the 80's. Participate in games and an interactive educational experience. More info   

POETRY SLAM -  Are you a spoken word artist or poet? Then sign up for the alley art festival POETRY SLAM. ORIGINAL WORKS ONLY. No props, costumes, or music. Each poem needs to be roughly 3 minutes long with a 10 second grace period. Signup at Information booth (First come first serve).

BIG A$$ ART SHOW - An Exhibition of art that will make you step back and say, “woah, thats big.”

Little A$$ ART SHOW - An Exhibition of art that will make you lean in and say, “woah, thats tiny.”


BUTTON MAKING - Be your artistic self and fill in a 2” circle with your own art and presto! make it into a button to wear!  Help your kids make their own buttons.  Bring a special picture from home to make into a button.

TRASH ART - Art show sponsored by "Only losers litter" Using only found objects and repurposed materials,