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• Registration consists of an email being sent to Twistedheartpuppetworks@gmail.com to express interest and confirm number of individuals attending. Please include (if applicable) your group name and a contact phone number, and a synopsis of your group. Everyone MUST include a phone number. Please also let us know if you are willing to carry a pre-made puppet or sign. 


• Line up time is at a location TBD in the down town Vista area (usually a parking lot)

• We line up this year at 10:40am sharp 

• Parade step off is at 11am sharp

• The parade route is NOT long at all, a few streets and alleyways in the downtown area and culminates in the area of the newest installed sculpture (TBD) 

• WITH PICTURES TAKEN it usually takes about an hour. We do require that you and your group be present for the pictures if you are going to walk in the parade.

• Registration is done through Twisted Heart Puppetworks and there is NO FEE required

• Our theme this year is Time Travel but you do not have to stick to the theme...It is an artparade, after all! ART is encouraged! 


• We DO like folks to dress up and/or carry some sort of banner, puppet, or large festival style sign to represent the theme or their group specifically. We are also encouraging folks to create signage or puppets in remembrance of Maureen Barack, who passed on July 19ththis summer. 

• We encourage creativity and cooperation! That being said, if your creativity extends into costuming or signage that is considered vulgar for the general public, you will be asked to step out of line. If parade participants are uncooperative or disrespectful with ANYONE from VAF or other parade attendees, they will also asked to step out.


Email RSVP here